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Child Care

Children born for what? Violence and torture against children is a fact to which we are witnesses, even if we do not want. I have seen children beaten, made to beg, crippled or abandoned by parents. If you want to be a parent but you do not have security for the future of your child, then I think you should to think twice before you give life to an innocent beings. [url=]Child care[/url] should be a priority. What you think about this? What should be done to prevent negligence and carelessness of the kids?

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Re:Child Care

Children are deemed to be nourished with love and care , they are the gift of God to parents, I just feel sad whenever I heard instances such as abandonment. I think this is the right time to pursue for a bill that will penalize those who will abuse children. Don't they have the right? They are still minor only the law can help to protect them and not to suffer any kind of abuse and deprivation of any such right. It is indeed worth a fast cash to save those children who are suffering from that kind of abuse.

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