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Children learning echolocation

I am interested to know how many parents out there encourage their BVI children to explore the world of echolocation. In other words the ability to sense objects, walls, doors, etc, using sound. I am working on writing a book of games that will help your child keep an open mind to alternative possibilities in orientation and mobility.

If you'd like more information you can find my blog on the subject at:

Please let me know if you encourage this in your children, and if so, how do you do it?

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Re: Children learning echolocation

Hello, I'm a Masters student currently researching echolocation use in children (0-18). I would greatly appreciate any information from families or professionals with vision impaired students currently using echolocation to assist in their navigation skills. My email address is I would also really appreciate anyone sharing any research that they know of on the subject, as there is very little on this population unfortunately! Many, many thanks.

Re: Children learning echolocation

I don't have a blind child, but I am legally blind/partially sighted myself. When I was a teenager a MO teacher told me about echolocation and proved to me that i was using it all along. i had always known that i couldn't "see" very much when I had cold. As it turns out, a large part of the mental image that I feel like I get visually is actually constructed in my head from what I hear. This explanation was very helpful to me as a young adult. There is a chapter of a book that I wrote, about working as a newspaper correspondent during the conflicts in the Balkans, where I explain it and give a particularly dramatic example, if you would like to see it.

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