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Deciding to become a parent

I am visssually impaired but I do not know if I am ready for children?

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Re: Deciding to become a parent

First of all don't let your disability stop you from wanting to be a parent. You have to first be ready ecause it is a big step and it is no longer about you but, someone else. If you feel you are ready and want to be a parent than do it. I am a legally blind mom of an eight year old girl and she is my everything. It is challenging and has its moments but, I would never change a thing. Children are also very adaptable. So, don't let your vision stop you if you really want it. Good Luck

Re: Deciding to become a parent

my name is emily, and I am a blind parent of two small children. I'm not going to say we don't have our challenges, but if you are a detected parent, you will find your way around those. Caring for a baby in my opinion is the easy part. Things get a little more interesting when they become preschoolers. This is mostly because we live in a sighted world, and if you child has site, you will have to find ways of leveling with them even though you don't have site. still, just as I am, you'll figure it out. I wouldn't let vision be a defining factor if you are otherwise ready to be a mom.

Re: Deciding to become a parent

Hi there,
As mentioned above, this question is definitely one that will require a lot of personal reflection. But you may find it helpful to visit the message boards on AFB's FamilyConnect website, where other parents are asking similar questions. Perhaps hearing others' stories will help you in your own decision!
- Michelle, AFB intern

Re: Deciding to become a parent

I believe 100% that a blind person can become a parent and be a great one. There are all sorts of disabled parents out there who do a great job- like everything else it'll come with difficulties, but it's possible.

However, are you personally ready to be a parent? I don't know since I don't know anything about you. I know a lot of people are nervous but then make great parents. I guess the best anyone can do before making that decision is think deeply on it and know yourself. People who know you well might be able to help you out some too.

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