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help me! i'm loosing my sight and i'm scared

i'm 26 years old and loosing my sight very rapidly, i have a 3 year old daughter and a 21 month old son and i'm a single mum, i have 20% vision in my right eye and have been told that the 50% I have in my left will be gone within a year, i have retinitis pigmentosa.

how do other parents with visual impairment cope?

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Re:help me! i'm loosing my sight and i'm scared

I read the other responses and they are all good words. The best words I read was "Help me". I'm got limited vision and spent years trying to bluff it out; it didn't work. What did was getting professional help and learning to cope with doing a million things differently than most but still getting them done. My problems are generic and truthfully are not as bad as RP; I do have some usable vision but I know that if I would lose the rest of my sight I could continue to mother my four kids. Two of them inherited my problems and I think its helped that I need to be cool for them.
Go to your local agencies and start now to get trained to continue functioning -- believe me, if I can do it you can do it and there's lots of women out there doing it right now.
It tough but its not the end of the world or of your Motherhood -- the kids will help, trust them
Let me know how your coming along - just post back

Re:help me! i'm loosing my sight and i'm scared

Never lose faith. Surround yourself with those you love and who love you. Take one day at a time and you'll manage.

Re:help me! i'm loosing my sight and i'm scared

I know it may be hard to loose your sight but you will manage. For one I will be praying for you and another God will not leave you or for sake you. And if you loose it he will be with you and your kids though it all. I had seizures six years ago and that didn't bother me I am 26 years old. So hang in there God bless uyou. And Merry Christmas. My email is God bless you once more.

Re:help me! i'm loosing my sight and i'm scared

well you could get glasses my mom weres glasses and she dose fine raising her three kids i cant read from far away so i do just fine to

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