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help needed urgently

I am a major in early child developement and family studies, and my education has brought many questions to mind. I am looking for current resources on understanding how totally blind children learn to do things from sitting up to crawling and walking. I have been totally blind since birth, but it is difficult for me to ask my parents exactly how I learned these things, so I would appreciate any professional literature you have found helpful. Thank you.

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Re:help needed urgently

have you tried your universities databases? psych info might do you some good. maybe an education one on infants development?

Re:help needed urgently

If you might know anyone who has children who are blind; they might beable to tell you how the child was able to learn how to do those things.

Re:help needed urgently

You might want to check out the articles and publications available from the AFB Bookstore If you browse by subject, you will find categories on development, early intervention, education, along with many others that should be able to provide you with the information you are looking for.

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