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I'm new to this list, and I'm hoping to find a little support.

I've recently decided to homeschool my son. He'll be entering kindergarten this fall. I've always been interested in the idea, but we recently discovered that the school he is suppose to attend is, well let's say, not so terrific. so, the husband has agreed that this might be best.
I suppose, at this point, I don't have any specific questions, I'm just interested in finding parents who have experience in this area. I"m reading all the books I can get my hands on, and talking to the one other blind mom here in my town who is doing this, so I've got a little local support.
I should mention, I've also got a younger child, a daughter who is 16 months younger than my son. I'll probably be incorporating preschool lessons in to our school days.
Oh, also, more probably necessary info, we live in Florida.
Thanks for any thoughts any of you have.

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best wishes to you. Though I have never tried having my kids homeschooling I guest it's best though or might try>therapeutic boarding schools.


We are homeschooling for the first time this year and although I know it is going to be a challenge it is a challenge that I think will benefit my daughter A LOT! Blind children really need one on one education and the public school system just cannot offer the level of one on one they need. I think if I had home-schooled her from the get go she would be so much further ahead than she is. A whole day away from a learning home with a class of severely disabled children who do not speak and are not very active to a blind child is like sticking them in a room all day alone. So now, we are members of a local home school group for group fun and we home school for one on one learning. I am also a member of the group above and they have been a tremendous help to me however there are not always a lot of posts. I just started a group today on facebook and I am hoping to broaden my online homeschool family. You are welcome to come join us it is called "Blind & Visually impaired Homeschoolers" just search us. You are welcome to email me , you can find my email on the group info page. Goodluck in your homeschooling journey! I would love to hear from you. :-)


There is a yahoo group called Blindhomeschooler that serves both blind homeschooling parents and parents homeschooling blind children. (In our house, we have both, although the primary teacher, me, is sighted.) Lots of helpful folks and information is there, from families across the country and from all walks of homeschooling life.


hi. i don't have anything to offer other than my best wishes to you. I've always been a fan of the social structure when it comes to education facilities... but i do appreciate not having access to a good school.
good luck to you!

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