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for the Blind

Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss

host a parenting chat line for the blind the home is up right now and the i am working on the rest of but you can send a comments or a questions or just call us at 218-936-1419

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Re:host a parenting chat line for the blind has a very good penpal program to be used by sighted and people with vision loss. It is good to get to know people.

Re:host a parenting chat line for the blind

Dear friend,I am from India and I am blind by right eye due to cataract then before retina detactment and left eye having spactacle for near and distant.I consulted with so many doctor but no one give perfect treatment or said my problem is critical and there is no perfect medicine for this but once I heard about Yoga and Prayanam and started the both then after six month my spactacle removed and my blind eye becoming healthy but slowly.So you can easily find Yoga and Prayanam Classes in your location if you life.
S Bargate

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