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How do blind children perceive emotions, and learn to understand it better?

I'm doing research to come up with a learning aid, probably like a learning book for visually impaired children. I want to know how about how your children understand and perceive emotions.
Is there something I could do to give better understanding to them- that would possibly help them be more social, responsive and epathetic?

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Re: How do blind children perceive emotions, and learn to understand it better?

I'm not sure what you are asking can be achieved through any book with any more specialization than a normal children's reading book that depicts social interactions. Most books geared towards kids demonstrate relationships with friends, parents, pets, nature, possessions (theirs and others') ETC. As a child who had one eye from infancy to first grade, then losing my second eye, I can say with a good degree of confidence that what you are hoping to develop are concepts in behavior. Learning these concepts as I have mentioned, then getting the children exposure to other kids, adults, or even sharing inanimate objects with others will foster their natural tendencies. I would expect even sighted kids have different capacities for things like social skills and empathy.
There are so many non-visual factors, and even other mental conditions that effect how we treat and/or react to others.
I really think just treating them normally, getting access to the same materials sighted kids have, and exposing them to all dynamics of relationships will help. Sort of like practice makes perfect, only in this case, practice will develop the individual'ity that makes us all unique and adaptive. Getting kids into live situations can never be underestimated or replaced. Combining realtime exposure to various social situations, with lessons learned from books illustrating the different kinds of behaviors will be most effective.
Hope this helps.

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