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How to train my hearing impaired daughter?

Hi all,
Recently my 2-year-old daughter was diagnosed by partial hearing impairment and we are in great trouble. I wonder what she will do in future whether her studies go well. Do all the other people consider her as a normal child? What are the things to be considered and take care about this kind of children? Her audiologist prescribed a hearing aid for her and we are practising how to handle it. The real problem is, I’m a working woman and have to work from 9 to 5. So I’m planning to contact Diamond personnel, the best nanny agency in Toronto ( ) for choosing an experienced nanny. Are nannies are trained to deal with hearing impaired children? Do they capable of handling the things like cleaning hearing aids and training children etc? Please advice me in my concerns. Thank you in advance.

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Re: How to train my hearing impaired daughter?

I am not sure if this would be the same in Canada but in many states in the USA we have state-sponsored therapies and sometimes care if you qualify. They go by different names such as 'birth to three' or 'early intervention', etc. As the other poster said, you want someone specifically trained for children with disabilities.

There is also a lot that you can do on your own time with your daughter to prepare her. Besides this site here are some resources to check out:

National Association for the Deaf:
Hearing Loss Association of America:
Sensory Toys for Deaf Children:

The best things you can do are to educate yourself and be there for her.
Good luck,

Re: How to train my hearing impaired daughter?

Hello there,

I work in Toronto as well. Just to check, does your child have both hearing and vision loss, or just hearing loss?

Most nannies are not trained (or minimally trained) in working with children with disabilities. Have you spoked to Bob Rumball Center ( for any advice? Or the Toronto Association of the Deaf ( ?

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