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i need advice please!

I have an amazing 21 month old girl named Chloe. She was born with ONH in her right eye and completely detached retina in her left. She is 100% blind. She doesnt crawl and barely wants to stand when i stand her. She is working with different therapists but Im just really worried cause she has had very very minimal improvement. Im scared she wont walk. any advice?? please im so scared for her and overwhelmed.

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Re:i need advice please!

I was born blind ,and I didn't walk until I was three years old. I never cralled. wen my family taught me to walk, they took me to the swimming poole.

Re:i need advice please!

Don't give up hope. She may walk someday. She's probably scared of hitting something and getting hurt. I was born with ONH in both eyes and didn't start walking until the age of 2.

Re:i need advice please!

I recommend checking out the website for idea. Blind babies are usually dealayed in development from sited babies.

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