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I'm not sure my infant can see

I have a Son born 5 weeks early, who is now 7 wks old (adjusted age of 2 wks) and he doesn't look at anything or track anything. He may look a me for a brief moment, but there doesn't seem to be any interest as if he isn't really seeing me at all. He is light sensitive.
My first Son was looking right at me from his birth at 37 wks. I'm scared he can't see!
He has an appt on Aug 24th with ped opth. Anyone have any good info? I would appreciate all input. Thank you!

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Re:I'm not sure my infant can see

I have almost the same situation with my baby.If you read it, please, tell me what happened with your child

Re:I'm not sure my infant can see

Sorry, I'm a bit computer challenged - 5) If your child reaches for toys & in what direction 6) If your child rubs his eyes and if the eyes look unusual 7) If your child is on medications/their side affects 8) The distance your child seems to stop noticing toys/people. I have more information. Email address is

Re:I'm not sure my infant can see

Hello from Montana. I am a teacher of the visually impaired and orientation & mobility specialist. I would suggest continuing your observations and noting them so you can share specific information/examples with at the doctor appointment. You can share information about the following things: 1) What you think your child sees and what attracts his attention 2) How your child may hold (turn) his head when looking at things 3) Under what conditions does your child seem to see the best 4) If your child is light sensitive or stares at light 5)

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