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Legally Blind Mom in CT seeking friendships

My name is Michele and I am a 40 year old mom in CT. My 2 boys are 10 months and 2 1/2 years old. I have juvenile glaucoma that has deteriorated over the years and am now legally blind and stopped driving in January 2009. All of my "mom" friends are sighted, but I would love to meet some moms or dads in my situation to chat with, learn from, and share. I am happily married and I work part time. My biggest frustration is not being able to access public transportation with kids. I pay a driver once a week, but that gets expensive fast!

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Re:Legally Blind Mom in CT seeking friendships

Hi Michele. I hope that you are still on here. I am 34 and legally blind from RP. I stopped driving when I was 21. I have a 4 year old son, and my husband and I are considering trying to get pregnant again. I have so many worries and concerns about having 2 children. I hope to hear from you.

Re:Legally Blind Mom in CT seeking friendships

Dear friend,I am from India and I am blind by right eye due to cataract then before retina detactment and left eye having spactacle for near and distant.I consulted with so many doctor but no one give perfect treatment or said my problem is critical and there is no perfect medicine for this but once I heard about Yoga and Prayanam and started the both then after six month my spactacle removed and my blind eye becoming healthy but slowly.So you can easily find Yoga and Prayanam Classes in your location if you life.
S Bargate

Re:Legally Blind Mom in CT seeking friendships

Hello Michelle,

I am legally blind as well, with sight in one eye somewhere around 20/250. My other eye was removed this spring. I am a 33 year old single custodial father of a lovely 7 year old girl and a wonderfull 5 year old boy. I live in a very rural area, and public transportation is not an option, I also have never had the ability to see well enough to drive a car, so I understand your transportation issues. Please, feel free to contact me anytime.

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