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Legally Blind Moms with preschoolers

I'm a 28-year-old, legally blind mom with OHN. I have two beautiful fully sighted daughters, ages 2 and 4. Now that they're getting older I'm starting to have to admit I have a vision problem. I do my best to hide it, but it's getting increasingly difficult. I loose them in crowds, I have to shadow them at the playground so they don't wander to far, and other kids are starting to bring the fact that I can't see to my kids attention.
Up until just the past month or so canes were out of the question, and asking for help was a big leap for me. I'm considering asking around for a guide dog, not so much for my safety but for the girls. No more doing crazy things when there are kids in the picture.

So I have a few questions:
How have you other legally blind, relatively independent moms dealt with accepting help? What did you find the most helpful?
How do you deal with crowds and playgrounds with independent young fully sighted kids?
Do any of you have guide or service dogs? Can they help be an extra set of eyes? (ex, finding your kid in a classroom, letting you know if they've wandered too far away, or help you not freak out because the kid you think you've lost is actually right next to you?)

Anything else you'd like to share I would love to read! Thanks a lot!

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Re: Legally Blind Moms with preschoolers

I just created a facebook group for parents that are low vision or blind with children plese join us so we can learn together. I named the group low vision/blind parents. I am excited t o see how everyone handles things and make new friends.

Re: Legally Blind Moms with preschoolers

I am low vision and I am a stay at home mom and I vavy sit three kids along side my two. I am not able to take the kids out in public by myself, we disided to get a play house and swing set in our back yard so the kids could play and I would have a small area to find them in. I will use my cane when I go out by myself but when I have kids it is to hard to use my cane because there is always to much going on. My daughter starts kindergarten this year and I am afraid that the kids might make fun of her because her mom cant see well. I am also nervice about having to help her with her home work because I will not be able to see it. I feel bad that I have to depend on my husband a lot when we go out in public but I don't know of any other way to do things. I also don't know anyone else that has kids and is low 1`vision.

Re: Legally Blind Moms with preschoolers

I am sighted. My partner is completely blind. We have yet to find a way for him to take the kids to the park without me or another sighted person. So any tips would be wonderful.
How we explained it to our little ones is that if you put your hand over your eyes... that's what daddy sees all the time. and so they run up to my partner close there eyes and say 'I'm just like daddy' open them and say now I'm like mommy. It's cute.

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