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Looking for low vision kids in Hot Springs Arkansas

Hello, I am looking to start a play group for low vision kids in Hot Springs Arkansas. My grandson is 2 and we would love to get together with kids and their parents. Please email

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Re:Looking for low vision kids in Hot Springs Arkansas


My name is Diane Miller. My daughter Maxee is 21 and has Stargardts. We live in Hot Springs Village and she lives in Hot Springs. We own a cheerleading gym called Cheer Zone.

I do not know how long it has been since you posted this. But, we are getting ready to do a class for a 5 year old blind boy at our gym. We instructed him through the year at Fountain Lake School where we did preschool gymnastics and are going to continue this summer.

Would you call me at 620-4489 (it forwards to my cell if I am not at the gym) and let's talk about your grandson. My daughter Maxee would love to work with him.

Diane Miller

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