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monocular vision and learning difficulties

My son lost his left eye to Retinoblastoma when he was 7. He is now 15. He is a very bright boy however He has had some struggles in school. He is very auditory and hates to read. He relies heavily on what he hears in the classroom. Notetaking is difficult for him. Math is becoming a problem now that he is in Algebra and it has multisteps. I just wondered if anyone else has had this experience with monocular vision. He is on an IEP but he is mainstreamed in the regular classroom.

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Re:monocular vision and learning difficulties

Hi Lisa

I am from Mexico, i dont speak very english very well, but i want to tell you my experience, i have an accident when i was 4 years old i loosse my left eye, right now i am 31 years old, I am Engeneer, some times i was the best of my class, I drive my car, i have a Family, and i live my life normally.. About the school, yes is dificult for us to read and memorize what we read, we lost the concentration very easy, what i do is to read aloud or study with some one that read aloud, I really develop my sense of hearing a lot. What you need to take care is his selfsteem, He needs to feel normal you needs to treat him as a normal boy, avery one tell me what i cant do because my condition but my family tell me that i can do every thing that i want play soccer,play beisball, in fact i was on a team of amercan football, i wasnt the best and i have to try harder. but i do.

Re:monocular vision and learning difficulties Benefit of Yoga and Prayanam in Eye Disorders

Dear friend,I am from India and I am blind by right eye due to cataract then before retina detactment and left eye having spactacle for near and distant.I consulted with so many doctor but no one give perfect treatment or said my problem is critical and there is no perfect medicine for this but once I heard about Yoga and Prayanam and started the both then after six month my spactacle removed and my blind eye becoming healthy but slowly.So you can easily find Yoga and Prayanam Classes in your location if you life.
S Bargate

Re:monocular vision and learning difficulties

Dear Lisaj;

I don't have monocular vision, but i'm visually impaired and I can still relate to your son's difficulties in the classroom. My visually impaired friends were mainstreamed too, but we had a resource room where we could go back to and have a V I teacher who is especially trained in the education of the visually impaired. He/she was there to tutor us, advocate in the classroom for us, make sure we had our acommodations met, and some music and art.
I do admit when it came to math sessions I was very lost because the teacher would teach the sighted kids math on the board. Even thought the V I teacher tutored me, I still struggled.
I'm not sure if your son has iterinant teacher or does he have a V I teacher at his school. These teachers should have knowledge of resources he can go to for some low vision aids for those who use monocular vision. A specialist are available to shoe him how to use them. He can see chaulk boards with instruments that brings it up close to him. That too maybe awkeward for him being a teen. He'd have to work on getting pass the snickers he may encounter about using these aids.
If I had those devices back in the 60's I'd would have probably been able to do the math from the board.
Can he write okay? If he does, he just needs to learn how to take notes. It's a acquired skill. He can either tape the lectures or ask a student to copy the work for him. Someone who perhaps the teacher can appoint.
I hope he is getting help from a special teacher that can advocate for him. There are so many resources out there for students.
Good luck to your son


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