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My 3 year old has to wear a patch.....

I'm not sure this is the right board, but I am desperate for information. My 3 year old twin Son has to wear an eye patch for 1 hour an evening for 6 weeks. He was recently diagnosed with Strabiscus. I was wondering if we allowed his Sister to also wear a patch,for support, if this would actually harm her eyes as well. I anticipate his wearing the patch to be a battle and I thought if "Sissy" had one as well it wouldn't be as upsetting Any thoughts shared would be appreciated.

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Re: My 3 year old has to wear a patch.....

I don't think that would hurt her at all. What might help lessen his resistance to the eye patch is to trick it out. Some types of patches are made in such a way that you could put things like stickers on the outside to make them look cool. Maybe having stickers of his favorite things would help him? I hope that this helped

Re: My 3 year old has to wear a patch.....

I think this might be a good idea but you should check with your doctor first. We have more information on patching on our FamilyConnect web site. Here is a link to the article

Re: My 3 year old has to wear a patch.....

I would just check with your doctor to make sure it would be allright. I would think it is a good idea but you would want to check. We have an article that covers the topic of patches on the FamilyConnect site and here is the link to it

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