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My (6mths) baby Sarah has ONH, has anyone sued?

Now I know that there is no cure [besides the stem cell project] also that the optic nerve develops in the womb around two months. However I am upset about the fact that the hospital sent me home with my adorable child and said without a shadow of a doubt that hear vision was "perfect".
I did not find out until six months later that hear vision was no where near perfect. In fact she can barely anything out of her left eye! [sigh] The hospital gave me wrong information false security and I am fuming. The ONH factsheets say that this type of visual defect is one of the top three in infants so why are they able to tell us if our children has this defect when they are testing their vision.
There is nothing like thinking you have a completely healthy child then suddenly have that idea ripped away from you.
I have read alot of ONH stories on the message boards that revealed that several parents also were not aware of their child dilemma until later.
So my question is:
Has anyone ever done anything to shine the light on how inadequate the Hearing and Vision Test that the doctors administers to the newborns? Has any ever filed a lawsuit?

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Re:My (6mths) baby Sarah has ONH, has anyone sued?

can we get over the disappointment and anger and grow up? she'll be fine.

Re:My (6mths) baby Sarah has ONH, has anyone sued?

I've heard a lot of people with ONH have normal looking eyes and since a baby's vision doesn't get "normal" until months after birth, it isn't the hospital's fault. In the case of my daughter, she looked like any other baby when she was born. Her eyes look perfect. There's no way the doctors could have known she had vision problems. As for suing, you'd have to be able to prove the doctors were negligent. I understand how you feel about discovering your child is blind but the doctors aren't at fault.

Re:My (6mths) baby Sarah has ONH, has anyone sued?

You know, I'm blind too, and for the same reason your daughter is: nobody realized I was a twin and I was born premature as well! But, this was 28 years ago, now things have changed... So, if you feel like doing that, you may sue the entire staff who assistited you at the hospital! Your daughter will understand your attitude and why you didit, maybe not now, but in the future she will!

Re:My (6mths) baby Sarah has ONH, has anyone sued?

You will not get anywhere by suing..there was no damage done to your child that will impair her to function in life. OHN/SOD is a birthdefect no one really knows what causes it. My daughter was a premature baby, overdose with morphene, had to go back on high frequency vents and the pressure caused her retinas to bleed. She went to ROP stage 5 complete retinal detachment. By 6 months we were told she was blind. MY daughter had other issues, with weight, feeding and developmental delays, but all her problems were assumed to be related to the prematurity. At the age of 3 my daughter had a seizure for the first time. The MRI showed she had OHN/SOD. It does bother me we found out 3 years later. But it really doesnt change the situation. She still has her issues and is still blind. The only difference is that we finally have a diagnosis and are aware of precautions we need to take with her. I have talked to an attorney (one of the top notch guys in Chicago) regarding negligence on the hospitals part for administering morphene twice. Even though my daughter almost died twice in the NICU from the morphene and she lost her sight. The attorney informed me he's going to have to prove it was morphene, which caused a numerouse amount of damages which will impair her for life. I know you are mad and proberly so disappointed in me I've been there and still are..just inform yourself well of your daughters condition and be prepared to advocate for services your daughter will need. It's hard my daughter is a twin and life is soo different when you have a needy child. God doesn't send us more than we can handle. good luck

Re:My (6mths) baby Sarah has ONH, has anyone sued?

If you feel there is negligence, try contacting an attorney specialzing in Medical Malpratice for babies. Instead of going to a huge law firm, look for someone experienced in the field. Forget about what the idiot said before. If anything, you are standing up for your daughter and what damage might have been prevented if this had been diagnosed earlier.

What state do you live in?

Re:My (6mths) baby Sarah has ONH, has anyone sued?

Try thinking about your daughter for a second. What kind of position will SHE be in when she realizes that you sued the doctors for sending you home with a defective child? That's hardly the attitude you want to instill with your daughter for the rest of her life.

Your daughter is a healthy child, assuming she does not have any other medical problems. She's just also blind.

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