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my 8 month old may be blind

My little guy was a preemie and I took him to the doctor multiple times when he was younger because I noticed that he didn't appear to be seeing. The doctors didn't see anything abnormal and said that babies his age don't see well anyways and didn't think it was an issue. Now he is 8 months old and doesn't crawl, cant sit up on his own, doesn't have any eye contact, doesn't follow objects and wont smile unless you make sounds when you are smiling. The place where he has his physical therapy done thinks he may be blind. He only tracks light. Is there a form of blindness where you can see bright lights? He has had his eyes checked and his optic nerves are smaller than they should be but everything is attached where it should be. And there isn't anything at she can see as to why he would be blind. Just that he doesn't appear to be able to see. I'm scared for my baby. Does anyone here have anything similar? Good eyes and everything operational but they cant see?

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Re: my 8 month old may be blind

My heart goes out to you. Our son was diagnosed with Retinoschisis five years ago. He is treated by Dr. Khaled Tawansy. His office is in Eagle Rock, CA(near Pasadena, CA). 323-257-3937. He sees many preemies.

Re: my 8 month old may be blind

Have they done an MRI? My 8 month old daughter has ONH

Re: my 8 month old may be blind

You will be able to find some information on the AFB FamilyConnect website. This site is specifically for families seeking information and support.

Some children who are not seeing with no apparent reason have cortical visual impairment (CVI). There is a message board for that on the site as well as other information to read. For the entire web site go to . To go directly to the message board go to

You are not alone with your questions and you will find there are other parents who have had the same experience.

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