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new here! Need advice on getting my kiddo to talk!

Hi there! I just found this site and am super excited about sharing advice and ideas with other parents. We have a 2 1/2 year old little guy that lost his vision after a seizure at 9 months. He has come a very long way on everything, except speech! The only thing he says on a regular basis is "ungy"...(hungry). We encourage him to talk all day, everyday and are out of ideas. He's also seen a speech therapist who was no help. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Re:new here! Need advice on getting my kiddo to talk!

Just wondering if your child has made any new sounds since you first posted. My grandson (blind, SOD, etc.) did not start talking until well into 4 years old. For years earlier he made only two sounds B (ba) and Ma. Obviously we gave him lots of sound toys, talked and read to him, etc. Anyway, well into 4, he started talking. His speech was extremely difficult to understand, but he talks a lot! He has had speech therapy regularly in school, and (he's 8 years old now) we can understand most of what he says; however, he sounds "different" even when we do understand. But the improvement is remarkable, so we figure he'll keep improving. Lots of challanges. The GREAT NEWS is that your child is making any sound "ungy". That will lead to more sounds and talking I expect. Much blessing and luck to you.

Re:new here! Need advice on getting my kiddo to talk!

Hi there, mackabelly. I also just found the site and have a 2 year visually impaired son. We would love for him to start talking but have settled for communication! He attends the Blind Children's Learning Center.They use hand over hand and tactile sign language with the kids there. He was off school for a week at Christmas break. We took the opportunity to pick a few signs and just work on them for the whole week. by the end he had them down. Since then we have continued to add to his vocabulary. Sometimes you'll have t modify the signs because they have no concept to be able to link the word with the thing. He also uses a communication board that has certain "objects Velcroed to it. I can take him to the board and he will feel around for the object that he has connected to that activity. There's a spoon for when he wants to eat a bottle for milk a binky some toys a diaper a blanket for bed or nap time a toilet paper roll for if he wants to go to the bathroom and a bath scrunchie for if he wants to take a bath. A few things you might want to google are the project salute, tactile learning, and name cues and coactive / tactile sign language. All of these things should get you off to a great start. Feel free to email me.

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