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occular albanisim

I am a parent of a 7 yr old boy,who was diagnosed at birth with occular albanisim. He also was diagnosed with adhd.Is this connected? He is behind in school and they have not figure out some thing that works in teaching academics. Does any one have any advice? his vision is poor, almost legally blind. He was just given a prescription for glasses by one doctor and i was told by his second doctor they really dont make a difference? Is this true?

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Re:occular albanisim

Hi, My name is Jackie. I have a 5 year old son with occulocutaneous Albinism. This of course means he also has occular albinism. And I think that the ADHD thing goes hand and hand with children with vision problems. My Son was diagnosed when he was 2. He also has trouble in school, but I am lucky enough that I knew what to do. I mad sure that he has an IEP which is an individual education plan. This keeps his education under my control. The school has to comply with Andrews needs. Next year we are going to get a 504 plan for him. This is a federal deal much like the IEP and will protect him for the rest of his school years. Unfortunately people dont seem to understand that children who can not see what the teacher is doing, can not exactly pay attention. Thus making school difficult for them. Fight the schools if you have to. They get paid by your tax dollars. They also recieve moneys for every disabled child they have.

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