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preemie with onh

my son, damien (we call him bubba) was born at 26 weeks. shortly after he was born, while still in the NICU, he was diagnosed with ONH.

according to the drs and vision therapists he has no perferal vision on the left side and only has about 60% of his vision.

bubba is now 8 months and is trying to learn to crawl. my generally happy giggly baby is getting frusterated because he cant see all of whats around him and he runs into things.

does anyone know of a way i can help him so hes not getting frusterated as much?

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Re:preemie with onh

On a tape my dad recorded of me when I was a toddler I remember hearing this one day I was learning to count when I was 1 and 4 months or something like that or it might be earlier. but anyway, we had a nannie at the time when I was in Hong Kong, most chinese families do, but anyhow, I remember I was walking about and counting merrily when I tripped over the ironing board or something like that. So, yes, things are going to happen, you just need to encourage him on. I don't know about him but nothing could stop me, when I was young and still nothing can stop me now, but you just need to help him understand he's going to make it through and recognize where things are in your house, and stuff like that.

Re:preemie with onh

When my daughter was 2 months, we noticed something off with her eyes. By 6 months, she was officially diagnosed with ONH. She's now almost 3. Getting frustrated like that is normal. My daughter still gets frustrated all the time because of vision related things. I have started a blog about my experiences with my own daughter. If you'd like, check it out and ask as many questions as you want.

Re:preemie with onh

just keep working with your child. to be frusterated is totally normal. i was always told to keep my house in the same way, dont rearrange it so that my son would get familiar with it and learn his way around. bright colored toys, ones that light up, ones that smell. or even different textures are great for them as well. dont give up, just keep providing your child with opportunities to make it more simple so they dont get as frusterated. if you have any questions you can email me and if its something i do not know i could always help research it :)

Re:preemie with onh

wow!! I think that you should try to keep things out of his way and yes giving it time is a great thing as well.

Re:preemie with onh

i have a 26 month old child that has onh in both eyes and can only see the difference between light and dark. she was the same way when learning to crawl, was so frustrated when first learning, but all of a sudden within about a week something clicked and figured a system out to get around. now she is walking around our house without bumping into anything(dont ask my how she does it but she does). all it is is time and he will figure it out.

Re:preemie with onh

I think she just gave you fantastic advice.

Re:preemie with onh

hi there, i am not a mom or anything, but i was born at 25 weeks without pherpheal vision, and only one eye that i actually use. does your son have glasses? i know i had to wear them when i was very tiny and they helped. just dont give up! :) he will eventually learn how to use his sense of feel too and that helps alot as well :)

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