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scaered with clapping and cheering sound

my doughter is 4 year old ans she is totlley blind ..she is very intellgent girl but she gets scared with happy b'day song ..i don't konw why but whenver somebody sing and clap she jus get freked out and start screaming some time she tells me i don't like it and i get scared but still i don't understand why is that?..can sombody answer me please?

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Re:scaered with clapping and cheering sound

Yeah, I was very scared by something to not exactly singing and clapping, but I was scared by loud music of any kind mostly club, dance, party, and so forth. I was not use to it until about 8 or nine. It might just be that environment she's not being exposed to, when you're in it if necessary, try to comfort her and explain that it's alright.

Re:scaered with clapping and cheering sound

I agree that it is not because of a blindness problem. It is just some kind of anxiety that crawls up some children's nerve. It is kind of like being pressured about something and it is like some children who bite their nails. It is just a habit and who knows, maybe something had happened to her in the past life of hers. I am one who believes in reincarnation.

Re:scaered with clapping and cheering sound

When I was about that age I used to hate it when a bunch of people would sing and clap at once (like the happy birthday song) I never could explain why, but I always started crying and screaming. I dont know if it really had to do with my blindness though. But now that I think of it I think it was partly because my ears are a lot more sensative than a sighted persons, and the noise (which is what it was to me) was always so startling. Also, with everyone singing and clapping at once it was hard to tell where the sounds were coming from. There was noise all around me and with the lights out (I have a little sight and can see some shapes and colors with light) I couldnt' tell one person from another.

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