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Teenage Mom with visually impaired child

At our high school day care center, we have a senior with a 9 mo old severely visually imapaired little boy. Teen girls that think they already know it all but could use a friend or pen pal

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Re:Teenage Mom with visually impaired child

Wow! I am excited to see that every on ison the same leval with this. Do not be over protective! I can't tell you how many timess I ran my bycle off in a ditch, fell off the porch, broke toes, or ran in to the wall. Let me tell after the first time, I learned. LOL Just tell her that being a mother is hard especually with a child with any type of disiblity. Things will get better. Teach her child what she can as soon as the child is able to learn. Early enteraction with other children who are not blind, will help the child to get an understanding of how things are donw. Yes, you will have to teach the child in a different way for most things, enteracting with other children will be great. Hope I have helped
Ashley S.

Re:Teenage Mom with visually impaired child

I agree with everyone else being overprotected isn't a good thing in the beginning when I found out my daughter was I started being overprotected then I realized that I can't always be there and she needed to learn things her way.

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Re:Teenage Mom with visually impaired child


My name is Sarah. I'm a legally blind 17-year-old in high school. I totally agree with everyone else. Overprotection is not good at all. It will make the child afraid to live life and do anything. I'm glad I'm not overprotected. My mom lets me bungee jump! It's so fun!

Re:Teenage Mom with visually impaired child

Wow!! I cant believe it!!
I'm a 16 legally blind highschool student and I think what the previous people is correct you should get your friend the help she needs.
I also agree that overprotection isn't a good thing to a blind child because they may knot go as well as you may think and yes I know she must be concerned for the safety of her child but I think that overprotection isn't good for anyone.
I hope that you, your friend, and her baby get the help that they need you are a great friend to want to do something like this.
Good luck

Re:Teenage Mom with visually impaired child

Dear psrauh; Thank you for taking the time to find info for the young mother and her child.
It would be a good idea to introduce this young lady to an agency for the blind and visually impaired in or around your city which may have a child developement cent for blind children. They have child developement consultant who would either come to the home and teach mother and child to interact and to teach the parent or parents how to raise a blind child. Sometimes there are nurseries for the blind where the babies can reside for the week while speciaists work with the blind or visually impaired and teach them the motor skills neccessary to walk and talk just like anyone else.
It depends on where you live. Find an agency in your home town for the blind and visually impaired and ask if they can refere her to a child developement center for blind children and infants.
I know a young man who is totally blind. His father was a teen dad, but boy did his dad man up and step up to the plate. He and the boys mom raised a terific young man.
It's not easy, but these teen parents did the right thing and got some help early. This young blind man is a typical young adult. He has plans to got to college and secure a job. He is smart. There is is nothing he can't learn if he puts his mind to it. This could be any blind child if the parents get the right intervention and get involved. I firmly believe that we visually impaired and blind people can also teach our parents about ourselves and about the miracle of intervention and the determination of the spirit.
Thanks again for caring.

Re:Teenage Mom with visually impaired child


I can't imagine what it would be like to be a teenager and have a blind child. It must be hard for parents in general.

I'm 15 and have been blind since birth. I think the best thing a parent can do is not over protect their child. I know loads of blind people my age, and there's such a difference in capability. The one's who's parents have let them run around and hang out with other kids and go places by themselves, and have taught them how to tie their laces, cut their food etc are much better intigrated in to society.

The odds are stacked against anyone with a disability, so it's so wrong when parents shelter their kids. I'd have hated it if my parents had done it to me.

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