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Travel tips

I'm looking for ideas on how to travel with my son. I use a guide dog. We take the bus whenever possible but when we have to take a cab or a para transit ride, I;'m not sure what I'm going to do with his big gigantic car seat. He's almost out of the infant carrier which I've been able to carry thus far. Since the same car doesn't pick you up on your way home, how do any of you manage transportation the baby and car seat while you're out?

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Re: Travel tips

I have same question but walking with 2 small children and cane or guide dog in one hand...Need a stroller or something can be used one handed kids 2 and 5. One child was easy using a harness or linked at wrists.... 2 more tricky .... Good luck !

Re:Travel tips

You know, Helen dear, Socrates believed in the existence of the Fortunate Isles somewhere beyond the blue zenith of our sky—isles which those who have lived in beauty sailed to after death. Well, I found one of the Fortunate Isles while still alive.

Re:Travel tips


My husband and I are both living with vision loss and we are thinking of having a baby. We worry about the travelling around issue as well. We primarily take busses and I have a guide dog. We both work and if we both continue to work after the baby is born then we are going to have to take him or her to daycare every day by bus. Any suggestions?

Re:Travel tips

I'm rather discouraged at the lack of information on HOW, those that are blind esp. the mom's that are blind, on how when their babies were young from birth to about 4 years of age. On how they traveled with their children and used a white cane to independently travel. I know that it can be done, but I'm just concerned about the traveler and child's safety. And info on HOW this task is accomplished if those that have done it could post it, it would be greately appricated

Re:Travel tips

I have four children and I hate!!! carseats. Well, I should say I dislike the fact that I must use them by law. I carry the car seats around now just adding to the mountain of things to be carried. I have a wagon which I use when I go grocery shopping and I put the car seat in it if I think I might get a ride. Also, switching the kids to the booster seats as soon as legally possible, is good because they are much lighter. another thing, If you have someone who often gives you rides and if finances permit, buy used carseats and give them to various people so that you can call and say, "please pick me up?"
There have been times when I have not used a car seat because I have been offered a ride by my mother whose car is too small for three carseats. Finally, my husband is sighted and so we own two vihicles. Once he bought the second one for his business, I claimed the van for mine and I have found it much easier, especially given the recent high fuel prices, to ask someone to come over and drive my van. Of course, with just one child, you can still easily fit into just about any car. What ever happens, don't give up, don't get trapped in the house. It's easy to talk oneself out of going somewhere because of the cars seat issue but just keep going out. I have contacted a lawyer in my state to see if I can find a loop hole in the car seat law, you know the same one cabs use. On a slightly different topic, I always use the backpack for the littlest one which keeps him or her out of the way of the dog. I found it frustrating to adjust my dog's walking speed to that of my newly walking toddler. In fact, I gave up and use a cane now but hopefully you'll have better luck.

Re:Travel tips


You could when the child gets older to keep up him or her get like a strap to hold on the back so he or she won't run into something. Also they won't run away you know. I have three neices I kind of know what it is like I am blind myself. My neices are four, three and eight months. They can be hands full Ha ha ha ha. They are funny sometimes. I hope this helps out if you need more feel free to e-mail me and I will see what I can do.

Re:Travel tips

I have not encountered this situation yet as I am only 18, but I would recommend looking into some other options. Perhaps getting some one who can drive you around. I know that it might make you feel as if your independence level was being cut short, but that might be a better way.
I hope I was able to be of some assistance.

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