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Trying to find Parents for Vi/Blind children over seas.

Hi, My name is Nichole True and I am an adoptive mom to a little girl that has ONH and is legally blind. She has light perception and pereferal vision, that we know of, but is only 3.5 years old. I have been in contact with a nonprofit adoption advocate that is desperately trying to find homes for several blind children she has on her site. Her site is , I have already agreed to be a contact for her if people have questions about adopting and parenting a blind child, since my daughter has only been home for about 8 months. I have gotten her tested she is in pre-k with VI services she is recieving O & M and I am taking classes from Hadley to help with her navigation and learning Braille. Anyway she has asked me to try to find some kind of groups or foundations that might be willing to help find these children homes. If I had the money I would bring them all home myself. Aferall when your first child is blind, adding more is just like a "normal" family adding another child. Or at least I think that. Anyway if you know of anyone or are yourself interested please please please let me know. You can leave a message here or you can email me at you can also see my beautiful daughter at I hope and look forward to hearing from you.


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Re:Trying to find Parents for Vi/Blind children over seas.

HI, my husband and i are adoptive parents/foster parents in ny. we are interested in helping a child with special needs. we have experience with children with visual issues and would love to learn more about these children, thank you, randee

Re:Trying to find Parents for Vi/Blind children over seas.

My husband and I are parents of two boys 8 and 9. Over the last year I have been working as a teacher's assistant with blind Highschool students. This year I have had the opportunity to work with blind and visually impaired kindergartners and first graders, subing a few days a week. I have really enjoyed it. My husband and I have talked about adoption on and off throughout our marriage. What are the ages of the children who need to be adopted and what is the process like?

Re:Trying to find Parents for Vi/Blind children over seas.

Hi! I am Kenny Rodger
The cause of my blindness was accident, When I was 6 year old.

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