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unemployed TCVI

I have a Master's Degree in Teaching Children with Visual Impairments and can't find employment as a TCVI locally. There are too many TCVI's where I live and not enough students. If anyone knows of job opportunities please post.

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Re:unemployed TCVI

Allied Instructional Services is seeking TBVI's and/or O&M instructors for various positions throughout Virginia. Full and part time positions available, in addition to hourly and or salaried positions.

Re:unemployed TCVI

If your still looking for a job. Check out Chicago, there is a huge shortage and many are retiring in the next few years.

Re:unemployed TCVI

i don't know if you got work already but i live in houston texas and we are short of VI teachers. you can email me at if you are interested. thank you

Re:unemployed TCVI

Have you checked out AFB's job listings page?

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