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Urgent questions concerning training of blind mother.


I am a blind, Norwegian law-student who is trying to help a soon 18-year-old, single mother of an 8 weeks old boy. The girl herself has had a difficult upbringing, and this, her age, but mainly her blindness is now used as reasons to evaluate her fitness as a mother. There are no actions on the girl’s part or psychological evaluations so far to found the concern of the social services; only the thoughts of some social-workers who mainly have taken the word of the girl’s abusive father over hers. However, our main problem with the evaluation is that the people who are evaluating the girl admit that the surroundings the girl and her child are placed in are not by far sufficiently accommodated, and the staff has no training at all in aiding or evaluating the blind in general or their level of function. I was asked to help the social-services with finding a solution to this problem, and it seems that within my country the skills on evaluating and helping blind parents simply do not exist I have checked with everybody. My questions therefore are: Do you know of any training-centre or anything of the kind anywhere in the world which specializes in training women to take care of their child and home? Also, do you know of anyone who may have the relevant skills to evaluate the girl as a mother at the same time as they have sufficient skills and experience as to how the blind function? Obviously, a western, cultural setting where English either is the first or second language will be the most preferable, both to make sure the social services may agree to such a training program, and to make sure that the training is relevant to the future the family may expect. This young mother is in immediate danger of losing custody of her son mainly because of lacking competency, and it is crucial for her as well as for other Norwegian, blind parents to come that the sight-aspect is solved quickly in a good way. Please, I have so little time to do research on my own, since I daily work hands-on with this situation and the people involved. If you know of anything or anyone which could be of help, please let me know as soon as possible! Please, feel free to forward this message if you think that by doing so the necessary help can be brought to the table in time! you may also feel free to contact me at

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Re:Urgent questions concerning training of blind mother.

call me at 210-710-6692 rebecca davenport
do not let the baby go, it will be a year or so until you get the baby back
the national federation for the blind maybe can help call tommy craig at 512-323-5444 president. we have been terrizod by the bullies

Re:Urgent questions concerning training of blind mother.

that was the first thing that poped thru my mind after i read your post. the first thing i might sugest would be visiting the following website that is here in the USA they have a catolouge with hundreds of things to assist the blind in various tasks and they are fairly reasonable in cost. raised bump dots that are sticky can be placed on her oven dials so she can tell how hot her burners are. (1 dot placed on the desired heat setting and a second dot on the place were the line says the dial is) and when the 2 dots are one on top of the other that's how she will know the desired temp is reached. I find that having each burner be a different heat setting helps most, a small burner to keep things on low, a large burner on hi, another burner on medium and the fourth at med/hi. you can also do the same thing for her oven control and mark off various commonly used temps so she can set her oven. Note: before applying dots oven surface must be clean or else they won't stay stuck on, and they'll come off the next time she cleans her range.
You can also call the american foundation for the blind directly, i'm sure they'd help.

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