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Using a guide dog and a stroller

I am totally blind and trying to do research for when I become pregnant, so that I have an idea of what has worked for blind parents and what has not worked.
I am looking specifically at using a guide dog with a stroller.
I am looking into the Chico strollers and have found that those have been the easiest to push. However I currently use a cane and am in the process of getting a guide dog.
Therefore I know that it will be very different using the cane with a guide dog than it will be using it with my cane.

I am also wondering what baby carriers blind parents have found helpful as far as giving them plenty of back support while carrying their baby?

Thank you so much for your time and help it is greatly appreciated.

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Re:Using a guide dog and a stroller

Do you have your dog yet?

Re:Using a guide dog and a stroller

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me! I greatly appreciate it! I will be sure to ask you more questions as they come to my mind.

Re:Using a guide dog and a stroller

Hello, I have had two children and went through the same questions that you have. The best I can offer is trial and error. I did use a stroller for my children while I had a guide dog. In the beginning, the dog seemed a bit confused and uncertain. Then, it became normal for us to travel that way. I would push the stroller, mainly using the middle handle to control the angle. I would keep the dog's harness in my left hand and she would still guide. By no means would I walk at a pace that would endanger my child, but we never had any bad experiences doing this. I would not recommend trying this method on busy intersections or other situations where you believe your child would be at a higher risk.

I also had a baby carrier that I used. It's basically like wearing a backwards backpack. The baby would be in front of me, and would be facing me. There was a back and head support that the child would lean against. This worked wonderfully when my kids were under six months. When your children become toddlers, I definitely recommend either a wrist strap or toddler harness to keep them close; especially if you have a child who is very active. I would be glad to share any other support if you have further questions.

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