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what can i teach a 10 year girl who is blind?

Please help me i am a rehab field officer and needs some help on what all this little girl need to learn.


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Re:what can i teach a 10 year girl who is blind?

Hello, I am a mother of a 10 year old girl who is blind. My daughter is a delight! she is currently attending the Academy for the Blind. We are in Minnesota. They have been a great resource. The direction you may want to go is, contact your school disctrict and find out what services are avalible for her. Also, find out if there is a state Academy for the blind in your area. MSAB has tought my daughter her basic survival skills. I think you will find alot of answers to your questions through the Academy. Good Luck!

Re:what can i teach a 10 year girl who is blind?

The best thing you can do is nothing at all. Trach her to do things for herself. don't think that just becoude she is blind that she cant do things. She Can do anything you teach her to. Even if blindness is not the only problem. TECH THEY WILL LEARN.I'm blind and have 4 different learning problems but I do just about anyting I want. I finished school, cook, clean, take the bus shopping and rase 2 grate kids hows dod is also blind. We do just fine but we had parents that made us do everythimg like a kid with sight and i thank them for not babing us.


Re:what can i teach a 10 year girl who is blind?

Hello; I'm curious to know are you writing us from the states? If yes, have you ever worked with blind children before? If you have never done this, why was her case given to you? Shouldn't this child be working with those rehabilitation specialists who are trained to teach blind children independent living skills?
I am visually impaire and I have attended an agency for blind youth as a child. My frieds (who are totally blind ) and I were taught many skills that we use now as adults.
We taught how to socialize with others, how to eat properly, how to set a table, how to cook, pour cereal, pour milk into your cereal. How to cut meat. How to make a sandwitch, spread mayo or peanut butter and jelly, butter toast, make a bed, wash your hair, organize your closet and drawers. How to shop for yourself, how to do laundry, how to dial a phone, how to organize money in your wallet, how to use a red and white cane, how to read braille, how to comb and brush your hiar ect.
Anyone reading this must think, well duh!
Let me tell you. I volunteered at a youth organization for the blind a couple of summers ago and did you know that some teens who were totally blind didn't know how to do these things? It was tough when you attend a program and your instructors want you to be on time to their classes and your late, cuz you don't know how to find you own clothes and dress yourself.
They go to school to read and write, but some kids are left in the dust, because they weren't taught I L S.
If you are stuck and you must help this child, do an assesment. I'm sure you know how to do that.
Get her parents involved. Family involvement is key.
Get her to a place where they teach blind children in your area. That might help you
Good luck.

Re:what can i teach a 10 year girl who is blind?

Have you asked her what she wants to learn? Has she had rehab? Does she walk with a cane or dog? To help we need to know a little more about heer. Have you research the things we can do? Have you told her she can do anything just a little differently? I swim, hike, ride amusement rides, ride a bike and so on.
Tell her for me she can do what ever her dreams are and make her believe.
Expose her to other blind people

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