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about poor peaple

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How to write about poor people, cont’d (the Interactive Edition) »How to write about poor people
By William Easterly | Published December 28, 2009
1.Use a precise definition of poverty: living on less than $1.25 a day, adjusted for purchasing power. Give the precise number who fit that definition.
2.Ignore the recent revision of this number by 42%.
3.Do not excessively analyze geographic or ethnographic distinctions amongst poor people.4.Discuss the following: poverty traps, vicious circles, aid financing gaps.
5.There probably won’t be time left to discuss the following concepts: initiative, savings, inventiveness, resourcefulness, adaptation to local conditions, or local knowledge.
6.Discuss only income, health, access to clean water, and literacy. Leave it to anthropologists to cover areas like happiness, traditions, ceremonies, festivals, friendships, kinship, love between men and women, or love between parents and children.
7.Display pictures of poor children (alternatively women).
8.Don’t show pictures of poor men, who make your audience think of drunkards, wife-beaters, or janjaweed.
9.These topics are only for Marxists: power, class, discrimination, oppression, or history.
10.Your knowledge about poor people should come from other writers who observe these rules.

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Re: about poor peaple

It just cracks me up that this person knows everything there is to know about a poor person like he is in this state of living.

Re: about poor peaple

I don't like the title of this first of all, secondly poor people how rude to put it this way so I have a feeling who wrote this is the ritchest person in the world if so you can give these poor people money. I know I can use some.

Re: about poor peaple

WOW...Well I think and those critics out there pardon my REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE but you ought not ...

Mr. William Easterly- I am happy to hear your perceptions of how u feel the world views poverty and most especially those who have NEVER LIVED IT...People cannot control the external things that happen in life...such as the profit focused businesses that move out of our regulated manufacturing nation to an unregulated one and wonder why products contain toxins..SPEAK TRUTH...U go William!!!

Re:about poor peaple

Very deceiving.

Re:about poor peaple

oh yeah, this liberal junk and for the sixth millionth time this will not convince people and thanks for promoting your deceiving tactics.

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