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College calculus 101?


It's me Peter again, who is changing his major from social science/history education to computer science. I posted this small update on my last thread of any importance on my viable major thread on this same area. Well, I'm going to be taking Calculus 1, Inputing programming (JAVA), Intro to Software Engineering, and Introduction to Ethics. I'm subscribed to NFB's Math list and have looked online and found several helpful sites. I've now got a nemeth code book with a intro to logic in computer programming terms as well coming soon! The other thing is a basic mathetmatics book from NLS on algebra, basic and advanced geometry and trig information.
My questions are below about the difficulties of taking such a major on. These are in no particular order or purpose at all. If you would like to throw in a monkey wrench go ahead. It will be nice if you post a reply on here or just send an e-mail to Creative solutions are wanted all of the time and I read using only Grade 1 and Grad 2 literary braille at this point. My machine is a XP Professional 2003 professional edition with the latest Mozilla Firefox with Window-Eyes 7.2. Compiling resources ina list will be nice and orderly for comprehension of what you are trying to say not just for me but everyone else. Thanks again for any help from these questions thought of or not thought of you that you can answer for my plight.

1. where can I get a college level equivalent braille book for loan?

2. what are some visual aspects of learning calculus?

3. what all do I need to have learned in algebra, trig and geometry?

4. what are some strategies you employeed in dealing with this in college or high school?

6. any other information would also be accepted?
note: thanks again for any and all help.

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Re: College calculus 101?

Hi Peter. How had your journey into the Computer Science major gone so far? How has Calculus and Programming gone for you do far?

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