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college student need help and direction

hey there my name is julie and right now im trying to make the transition to a university and dont have quite enough funding so i was wondering is there more scholarships available out there? and also im transfering as a junior and am majoring in Psychology. and want to become a counselor for the visually impaired such as myself. as soon as i get my masters. and i was just wondering or curious if there are any internships out there for gaining experience.? i really feel passionate for what im going to school for since i know the hardships i have gone through because of my visual impairment. so if anyone can help me.
i would really appreciate
so much
thank you for just taking the time to help
much love

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Re: college student need help and direction

Hi Julie,
I just saw this now. I am 24 years old and graduated with a bs in counseling psychology from Lesley university.
I'd be more than happy to talk with you and just be supportive. My e-mail is:

Re: college student need help and direction

Hello, my name is Maxine Brown doctoral candidate in psychology, I am developing a research proposal for my doctoral dissertation at Argosy University on Line, and the title is professional experiences of blind therapists. I am requesting you to participate in my study by completing an online survey which consist of 15 questions.
My survey does not ask for any personally identifying information, the study participant’s identification will be completely anonymous.
The invitation to complete the online survey is for all totally blind or low vision therapist, between the age of 22 and 65. I would be happy to provide any further information you may require in order to make a decision.
I will need a contingent approval letter please.
Maxine Brown
Home Number 253 531-3434
Email Address

Re:college student need help and direction

Hi! I am already a graduate in college. However, I would still want to have my Master's degree but I also encounter the same problem as yours. I would suggest that you must read some of the announcements in this website. There is an announcement about scholarship availability. Thanks.

Re:college student need help and direction

oh yeah I forgot to mention they also list internships...

Re:college student need help and direction

One site I use is you can create a profile and it will find scholarships that you are eligible for. One suggestion I would make is if you do use this site to create a separate email account because whenever there is a new scholarship they send you an email and that's a lot and it builds up fast. Some you have to write essays for and others they pull your name out of a hat but it is a really good place to find lots of scholarships and grants

Re:college student need help and direction

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am about to transfer to a univercity as well and am having the same trouble. It will caust me 15000 dallars and all I have is 5000. I have looked in so many different places for help but can't seem to find any. I am getting my B.S. in ferinsic psychology and in a fast track program at this univercty. I already have my A.S. in criminal justice for ferinsics and would love to move on so that I may finish and start my jobs. I know that you can go to any rehab for the blind and they should let you do some interning there so that you can get some expearance in. Hope this little bit of info helps. Please if you would like to chat some send me a reply at my e/mail address Hope to hear from you soon.

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