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I need tips for teachers of blind studnets

I am a college student studying to become a teacher. I am doing a project about the blind community. Does anyone have any suggestions that might be helpful for teachers to use with their students. I would love also to hear any concerns that people have about the way the education system treats people with visual impairments.

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Re: I need tips for teachers of blind studnets

laarmbruster -- if teachers would take your approach, like they are suppose to, perhaps some students wouldn't have any problems (see the blog on teachers who make their students miserable). I see excellent suggestions above.

Re:I need tips for teachers of blind studnets

I am a teacher at Perkins School for the Blind. I invite you to check out the website for my school at

Re:I need tips for teachers of blind studnets

I am a teacher of the blind and visually impaired. All my students are mainstreamed into regular classrooms. What kind of suggestions are you looking for? I teach braille, nemeth code, touch-typing, how to use low vision aids, etc. I'd be happy to give some suggestions. One of the biggest ways to help your students settle into a regular classroom is to work closely with the regular ed. teacher. I meet weekly with my braille student's teacher to coordinate plans and make sure I have worksheets, etc. to be brailled ahead of time. I make sure my low vision students' teacher are aware of their accommodations for the classroom, thestudent's abilities and limitations. I expect all my students to be part of the class and treated with the same courtesy, discipline, and expectations as any student. I encourage classroom teachers to be more descriptive orally instead of relying soley on the chalkboard or overhead projector. Many of my braille student's classmates enjoy describing pictures to her. This helps her get an idea of the story and it helps the classmates develop their vocabulary. And, it shows that we can all learn from one another! Hope this helps.

teacher resource

Check out the Overbrook School for the blind website at You will find a great deal of information for teaching students with visual impairments.

tips for teachers

Have you explored the Education collection ( ) in the information center? There is also a colorful poster, available for free, called 19 Ways to Step Back. (Go to to request a copy.) It suggests ways that teachers can improve their instruction of students who are blind or visually impaired.


call a school that has a major in Visual Impairment in their education program! Kutztown University, PA college of optometry etccc,,

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