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learning spanish

To list,

I was wondering if anyone has any useful information on how blind people can learn spanish? If there are hurtles, strategies, tips, hints, secrets and other methods of learning spanish let me know with your replies or via e-mail. I'm learning spanish 1010 at a major four year university in the USA. Please post or e-mail

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Re: learning spanish

My friend learn Spanish with Tutors . He told me that they know different methods of learning. Maybe they have experience with blind people.

Re: learning spanish

Are you planning to go to Spain or Mexico? They are two different "languages". Someone from Madrid will not be understood in Mexico City and vice versa. Be sure to learn both and know the difference -- but one at a time. A tutor will help with the pronouncing the various words. In addition, find someone knowledgeable in the language to help build your ability to speak the language.

Re:learning spanish

Hello Wolfbane,

I was a Spanish major. REading it is more time-consuming, but learning to speak takes a long time too. It is fun and I would love to help you.
My email is

Feel free to drop me a line, but put "learning Spanish" in the subject line so I will know who you are or how you got my email adress.


Re:learning spanish

I speak fluent spanish and I find that alot of Americans have trouble with the word "que" which means what in Spanish. I ask anyone how to spell it and they say "q-e" then I tell them it has a U so That's probably one of the harder words to master. If you are larning, you should find someone who is willing to teach you who speaks both English AND Spanish fluently without an accent. The younger you are when you learn the language, the easier.

Re:learning spanish

with my experience with Spanish class it was horrible i had a teacher with an accent and it was just plain difficult I've found learning at my own pace audibly has been better for me anyways I've been learning German lately its made old WW2 based movies a bit more enjoyable.
i often use google translate its a fast cheap way to get some of your favorite phrases translated into almost every language

Re:learning spanish

My son speaks fluent spanish. I hired a tutor to work one on one with him. He did it all auditorially and now speaks spanish beautifully. It took him about six months.

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Re:learning spanish

I once was learning nandrin Chineese with textbooks, very hard!

Re:learning spanish

Hearing it audibly helps, i am a fluent speaker since birth but i learned from hearing it spoken aloud.

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