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Online college classes

I am interested in going back to schol for Court Reporting. I am wondering if anyone has taken the online course study for this field? If so, what school did you attend and what services were offered???

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Re: Online college classes

I entered Strayer Univerisity 2005 and graduated 2010 earning an MBA in Business Administration and Operations Mangement.

Undertaking the course work was both challenging and expensive.

Currently I am taking online courses at DAU associted with Contract Closeout Management Services, called CMS training at NIB. Long and challenging. I have completed one course and now in the second of first two required.

If you have never taken, I would strongly recommend Hadley School for the Blind, it is my understanding the online courses are provided at no charge to those who are blind. I am not sure, and you would have to engage in due dilligence.

The most challenging would be platforms lacking in 508 Compliance methodologies, or in short missing "alt" tags, and ability to interface with various text to speech software programs.

Good luck.

Re: Online college classes

I have not taken this course but I am an instructor for the University of Phoenix and there format is easy to follow with a vision problem. I was leagally blind and now I have lost all myvision but am still able to teach with Jaws. I would suggest talking to serveral school and find out how the disability services works and who would work best for you. I hope that helps you out. Nicci

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