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prejudiced teacher

hi, i have a teacher who thinks that i'm stupid. she seems 2 think that bc i'm a blind girl, i'm also very stupid. it's getting quite anoying. i'm sick of it. granted i was only in school this year 4 3 weeks. i'm qoing back sometime very soon. how should i deel with her?

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Re: prejudiced teacher

Many of these so-called "prejudiced teacher" is simply that they do not know and they are scared of the unknown. It is just like epilepsy -- when in a seizure, people run away thinking that it is catching.

When one is in an environment without interchanges with the unknown and suddenly they are in the "lion's den" -- it is a scary thing for them.

I was thinking. If one were to conduct a class to present to teachers in general, not just the prejudiced ones, what would you include in the lesson plan? And why? I think I might call this class "BEING DOWN ON WHAT YOU ARE NOT UP ON".

Education is the key. Email your suggestions to "". Cite your sources if you are quoting something. And if you are one of these individuals described here, please send me what would help you understand.

Re: prejudiced teacher

I really feel for those who are not taken care of by teachers. sorry guys. its a pity there are those teachers who still feel vision is static such that they cannot cater for students who loose it gradually.

Re: prejudiced teacher

Fortunately I had very few, if any, prejudiced teachers throughout grade school. My Spanish teacher during high-school sophomore year I think was a bit prejudiced though. I had this annoying habit of handing in the same exact Braille page(s) for my homework assignments every time. One day in Spanish class, I reached into my backpack to get out my real homework, and the teacher walked by just as I was doing this. She stopped at my desk and asked me if I was "pulling a fast one." I told her I wasn't and she simply walked away. But this teacher ended up having what I later learned was a nervous breakdown, and she left the high school for good. But I've never had anything where I needed to involve upper management. I did, however, experience a bit of discrimination when taking an online medical terminology course. I posted about this elsewhere in these forums.

Re: prejudiced teacher

For the most part, my teachers ('80's and '90's era) were wonderful. Some of them later admitted that they were scared to death when they found out they would have a legally blind student in their class; but, once they got to know me, they wanted to clone me.

There was, however, two teachers that stand out as not being the best in the world. One was my sixth grade reading teacher, who was always giving me a hard time and my Mother was constantly going to the school to deal with her.

The second teacher was my 9th grade Spanish teacher. Early during the year, my CCTV magnifier broke; so, I had trouble doing my school work. All my other teachers were very understanding about making arrangements for me to make up the work or get extra help getting it done; but, not this teacher. She even told the principal that she resented them telling her how to teach a retarded child. My Mother had to give her some lessons on the matter that "legally blind" does not mean "retarded".

There are many excellent, dedicated teachers out there; but, unfortunately, there are some out there who need to find another line of work.

Re: prejudiced teacher

Hello from Oregon:

School are obligated to provide a 504 Plan if you have a history of or are current disabled with a qualifying disability.

The thing about the 504 Plan is that Districts are are obligated to seek out individuals of whom qualify and offer a plan to them. You see, a 504 Plan is different than a IEP, as a 504 Plan aides persons with qualifying disabilities or impairements have a Free And Appropriate Public Education(FAPE). An IEP aide persons with disabilities that impede eduational performance have a FAPE. A person on an IEP is also qualified under the 504 Plan, and usually IEP's reflect that

I am very educated on the IEP, and the 504 Plan process. I suggest that you contact the US Department of Education Office For Civil Rights.

I have learned through the years that Districts that are operating in the manner to which you all are speaking of have a lot of issues pertaining to accessibility. My advice as a Disability Rights Advocate is that you learn about your rights so the discriminatory acts are not as harmful. Organize as disabled individuals, and learn accessibility. accessibilitty should be provided to you to where you can feel it, and hear it. In the same manner others can see it. Become strong together, as discrimination attacks the vunerable.

I am a Disability Rights Advocate, and specialize in accessibility, and other issues that protect persons with disabilities.

My organization is making changes in Oregon for the good of all Persons with disabilities. We have organized, and are learning, and teach accessibility.

I find that it is in organizing ourselves, and learning about rights that we who were once vunerable become strengthened and less effected by acts of discrimination, of such that you all are speaking of.

Education is the key to discriminatory freedom. Do you know that I am more educated on accessibility than most Districts, businesses, city local governments, and Federal facilities! Because I am educated in the rights that protect me, and my disabled son.

I hope this is helpful. if not I'll check back

Take care

Re: prejudiced teacher

Hello, I am writing from Oregon. I am a very experienced Disability Rights Advocate, as well as a parent of a disabled son in High School.I am a educated parent when it comes to the IEP process. My son was discriminated against since 1 grade. When he was in the the fourth grade I retired his special ed teacher as he was grading my son on days when he wasn't there and giving him bad grades. I filed so many complaints to protect my son that the Oregon Department of education altered thier ways of handling compliant investigations. It was was so bad that his first grade was nothing but discriminatin OCR stopped that., He was the smallest one at school due to disability related issues.

Now, I am very knowledgeable about complaint processes, and ADA Title II, Title III, and other federal laws that protect the rights of persons with disabilities. I am very good, and my evaluations of city governments,, businesses, federal facilities are top notch. I am a committed advocate of whom seek barriers that impede the rights of visually impaired, wheelchaired, and hearing impaired individuals.I bring school into accessibility through my site-evaluations

I am sorry for what you all are going through, but there is an answer to the problem.

The answer lies in first knowing that you are protected under federal laws to equal access, equal partication, and equal enjoyment of the the goods and services being provided, in this case education. You have the right to a Free and Appropriate Education(FAPE). WHETHER THE SCHOOL IS A PUBLIC SCHOOL OR A UNIVERSITY I SUGGEST THAT YOU CONTACT THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUDATION OFFICE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS, AND FILE A CIVIL RIGHTS COMPLAINT ON THE GROUND OF DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION.




Re: prejudiced teacher

My son Jason has had these types of problems with some of his teachers and as a parent to a child who has vision problems it is very hard and sometimes we get angry because it is not fair.These teachers have picked on him,stuck him in the back of the room to where he couldnt see,made him redo all his work even though his answers were always correct to begin with,he has whats called a 504 plan at school and they do not use it at all,they are supose to change the color of his paper and the color of the words on them and also enlarge everything in order for him to see,but no they say they dont have the time,so i volunteered to come do it for them so he would have it and they said no.They think that because he wears glasses that he can see but his glasses are only for protection of his left eye so that he doesnt get something in it that may cause him to lose the rest of the vision in it.He is legally blind in his right eye and he has limited vision in the left eye,due to being born without parts of the eye and severe retinal scarring.If you were to look at him you couldnt tell he has a disability but in fact he does.And not only is he legally blind,he suffers from severe migraine headaches,spina bifida occulta,and severe leg cramps.He is an amazing little boy who has indured surgery after surgery,mean teachers and students,been beat up by a bully on the bus and he and his sister was the only ones kicked off the bus,been choked on the playground at school by another boy and when i got to school i was not very happy because this other student was not punished in any way.and when my son was in kindergarten he had to have surgery on both legs due to the severe cramping he has and he had to miss 3 months of school and it took 5 Doctor's orders to get him out of school to have the surgery done and another 15 to get him back in school.and I almost went to jail because he missed so much school even though it was for medical purpose.So I understand what each and everyone of you kids and parents are going through when it comes to the schools.Its not an easy process.But the only way for you to get through it is to always do your best and to always be better than those who pick on you or are mean to you.When it comes to the Teachers,you need to step back and let your Parents deal with them and sometimes it takes going to the school board to get anything done.And having your Doctor's send them letters explaining that you are not being rude or being a jerk You just can't see..I wish you all the best.and Remember to always hold your head up high and remeber that you are perfect just the way you are,no matter what anyone says. :)

Re: prejudiced teacher

Talk to the teacher first and then if they do not provide you with what you expect go overtheir head. I had one instructor in college who wanted to give students quizzes and I told her I would have to take them at disabilities services, so she decided to assignn 2 page papers instead. I went to her Dean and talked to them about her approach with people with disabilites. She had to attend a class on the subject anditwent into her records. So try going above the teachers head if nothing else works.

Re:prejudiced teacher

I get attitude from some of my teachers because at my school, you HAVE to have an IEP in order for teachers to recognize that you are having a problem, and since I've not been diagnosed with anything yet, I don't have an IEP. Sometimes, even the people with IEPs aren't treated with respect. I'm not sure what being visually impaired has to do with being a troublemaker, but I guess that's what it meant to one of my teachers.

He was convinced I was a bad egg and though I was being rude when I told him I couldn't see the board, since I was in the front row. I tried to explain that I have some issues going on over here, but he told me I was doing it for attention and that he wouldn't stand for it. The next day, when I wasn't writing down notes because they looked like fanciful swirls on the chalkboard, he moved me to the back. It took half a year for him to understand that I wasn't being rude; I just couldn't see.

Re:prejudiced teacher

never had that problem I am too loud and outspoken and pick up things too quickly and always the girl who gives really long detail answers after picking it up really fast. I guess I was too smart to thought dumb and too much of a jerk to be called that so no one did. I had a few teachers who were just as big jerks as I was and erm.... gave me some trouble, they liked me outside as a smart friend, but we never liked each other in class, they liked me more than I liked them outside of class too.

one teacher had a problem with my outspokenness, and how I was kind of a bit of a jerk. she sort of told me to knock it off and stop being blunt and stuff, very nice lady and I guess she's write from the communications standpoint. she was the only one to who spoke directly to me and never to the vision teacher.

Re:prejudiced teacher

I also had a very difficult teacher in my high school algebra class. This really isn't something that a student should put up with. If the teacher is displaying behavior which is inappropriate then I would, at the very least, speak to your parents about this assuming this is a situation where you're still living at home. When I had this problem my father actually came to school with me and we had a very civil discussion with the principal about this who took care of the situation. I think that some mediation may be in order and you will probably have the support of administrators such as a principal if you present your situation calmly.

Re:prejudiced teacher

I've had some issues with teachers over the years as well. I was born partially sighted (legally blind) and some are understanding and very helpful. Others will treat you like you're dumb. I firmly believe that blind and visually impaired students should have the option to go to some sort of accredited college that is tailored for those with vision issues. Having gone to public high school and some publicly funded college I can tell you that it's not a level playing field between blind students and sighted students. The fact that America doesn't have some sort of accredited college for blind students is a disgrace to our country and its government. But that's another tangent for another time. I think the best thing you can do is to be up front with your teachers about your conditions. Some of them will be understanding and willing to help. Some will treat you as if you don't have all your marbles and on rare occasion you'll come across a teacher who probably deserves a good slap across the face due to the way they treat all of their students. Unfortunately you find some real whack jobs in the teaching profession but you can also find some really great ones too.

Re:prejudiced teacher

I have this problem constantly even though I'm only partially blind. Honestly I would LOVE to go up to the teacher and punch some sense into her head, but I can't do You need to explain to her what you can and can't do. For 2 or 3 years I started making movies directed to the teacher and the class with iMovie. At first I would talk about some adaptive technology and my condition but later on, They became more professional with menus, chapter select screens, in-depth information on my condition, several technology pieces, and custom music. Now-a-days I don't have as much a problem that I basically need to sit in the front and give me tests (longs ones such as the semester finals) in large print. You need to let the teacher know in any way that you're not unteachable just because you're blind.

Re:prejudiced teacher

oh my gosh i have the same problem with my teacher! it's really annoying...but i have kinda found out that for now i just have to deal with it. just show her otherwise when she gives you the tests and you ace them! lol--thats what i've been doing since she won't like call on me in class or anything. sorry im not that helpful but hopefully she'll pigure it out soon that your not stupid!

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