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School For The Blind In Ghana Needs A Helping Hand!

World Action Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that works with children &
at-risk youth in the West African region.
We have started to work with a new school for the blind in Cape Coast, Ghana. This school is rather new and has been merged into an existing school for the deaf. Previous to this blind youth had to travel long distances to reach a school and obtain an education.
Like many people with special needs in developing nations these children need all the help they can get to thrive and reach their true potential.
That is why WAF has decided to assist these children in any way we can.
Currently we are seeking donations of braille equipment and supplies that we can gather together and ship. This could include writers, paper, books, recorded material, equipment, etc.
* We are a a tax exempt organization so all donations are tax deductable! *
If you are able to donate equipment, supplies or cash please drop us an e-mail and then post them to:
World Action Foundation
Attn. William Dollarhide
14650 NW Cornell Road, Suite 10
Portland, OR 97229

You may also visit us on line at:

Thank You!


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