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A question for users of screen readers

I have a question for blind and low-sighted users of screen readers. Lots of websites these days put the navigation menu on the top line of the browser window, before the site logo and the rest of the header. Other sites start off with adverts from third parties in the same position.

It seems to me this sort of thing must be a nuisance to screen reader users, by leaving a lot of stuff to wade through or skip over before the user even knows what the site is about.

As a web devloper I would like to know if this causes problems for blind and low sighted screen reader users, or are you ok with it?

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Re: A question for users of screen readers

Thank you, dgoldfield, for that explanation. That's exactly the kind of insight, and detail, into what users actually do that I am looking for. That helps a treat!

Re: A question for users of screen readers

Hi, GH1. I don't mind the extraneous links at the top, since screen readers are equipped with shortcut keys to move to specific HTML elements. Usually, as soon as the page loads, I press the letter H which, more often than not, moves to the next heading level on the page. As the main article often starts at heading level 1, pressing the number 1 will jump to the beginning of that heading level. Many Web sites have a "skip navigation" link which can skip these type of links to which you're referring and take the user to the beginning of the main content.

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