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A VoiceXML project requires blind people to help

hi everyone, I am a student whose major is web development for a master degree. I am planning for my finally project. Somehow, VoiceXML occured to me, I wanna bulid a web site which can help blind people to access the internet without any device, which means blind people just control everything on that site by speech.

However, I need some general information about how blind user normally do when they using their PC.

Could any one give me some detail?
alternatively, u may want to provide something about what do u really need in terms of internet accessiblity. or what kind of thing needs to be improved?

thank you very much.

btw . . after I finished this object.. I also need blind people to help to do a online survey in order to evaluate the web site. I will give a link to the site that I bulid.

Thanks again..

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Re:A VoiceXML project requires blind people to help

Where are you? Your best help is probably face to face, locally. Meet the blind through agencies for the blind, state and local, clinics, support groups, ACB, CCLVI. and your school's AT office. Get Google Alerts for "Blind and computers". ===gm===

Re:A VoiceXML project requires blind people to help

I want to know ur progres.I 2 am a student and want to develop some app in Voice XML.Plz suggest some major project idea for Btech(cse) 8th sem

Re:A VoiceXML project requires blind people to help

I agree with the person that commented "most people blind and deaf and this service would not be good. I would suggest creating a braille pad that connects to a computer via usb that interprets a webpage in braille. I think something like this really could improve internet usage for the blind and deaf.


Re:A VoiceXML project requires blind people to help

Hi gabrielle_li, Your idea sounds great. I hope you would have finished it by now. even if you have not and you see this post please do reply to it. I need to discuss few things with you (It's urgent to me).
waiting for your reply..............

Re:A VoiceXML project requires blind people to help

I have been blesssed to have some sight, however i go through the steps by using the help menu to enlarge icons and fonts to the right size. Problem is fonts on web pages are often still too small for me to read easily. The narrator feater either is too slow or too fast for me to use. I know some about computers however for new users a sijmple explaination with words easily understood would probably help. I would also be great if a computer could be set up so if for example, Aperson typed in "taking care of turtles" the browser would only bring up the totally needed sites. Just a thought.
not sure if this help, i am half tired while i am typing.

Re:A VoiceXML project requires blind people to help


Thank you for your respond. I am sorry that I was busy on my proposal, so that I did not reply immediately.

I am happy If you can give me some detail about how you get to a website for news and how to use the 'screen reader'. Of course, if that would not borther you.

Thank you for your help.

Best Wishes.

yours: gabby

Re:A VoiceXML project requires blind people to help

I apologize for my unprofessional, thank you for your suggestion and I accept it with my pleasure.

The reason that I am proposing this project is because I figure the 'hands free' and 'device free' website should be the most nature site to access with.

But, thanks for your warning anyway.

Re:A VoiceXML project requires blind people to help

First, if you're in a "master's" degree program, I'm sure you've learnt how to spell "you" by now. SIt's entirely unprofessional to use netspeak while making a request as a student.

Second, a self-voicing web site is rather redundant. In order to access the computer, and by requirement get onto the website, the person would already need screen reading or screen magnification.

A self-voicing website would also not be acceptable to deafblind users, who represent a significant portion of blind computer users.

Those issues aside, the great variations in terms of "comfort zone" speech levels, speed, verbosity, and voices are limitless in their combinations- it would take a far too extensive effort to even attempt to develop this.

Save your time, and work on a project that anyone would actually benefit from.

Re:A VoiceXML project requires blind people to help

I would be happy to help you. Please be specific about what details you would like to know about the way blind people use their computers.

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