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Aardvark Assisted Vision


I am currently developing a project that will assist people with low vision. I put hard work into making a prototype but I am now in need of crowd funding to keep the project going. Please spread the word about the project and give me encouragement, so I can continue.

Here is a link to the project:

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Re: Aardvark Assisted Vision

I went to the website, started the video and quickly left. Nix. It needs a plain English explanation of what disability it helps and how it does it. People with bad eyes need simplicity in site design and text is often better than amateur speech. My old eyes (98 yrs) were not helped.
Fix it; don't give up. gm

Re: Aardvark Assisted Vision

Suggest you give us examples of the tasks aand settings you have in mind. Hand held portable shopping, reading ind an easy chair, writing checks, etc

Re: Aardvark Assisted Vision

Just to check, exactly what do you mean by "captures images in real time and presents them in a way that is customizable to an individual"?

Do you mean it works like a CCTV where you can adjust the contrast options? Or something completely different? The Indiegogo page doesn't really explain exactly what this system does .

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