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ACB High Tech Swap Shop - Items for sale

The ACB BRAILLE FORUM, Volume XLVIII April 2010 No. 10
It came to me by email, but you can probably find it via their website:

Used PAC Mate QX Omni 400 and accessories.
Papenmeier Braillex EL2D80 80-cell braille display.
Jot-a-Dot pocket braille notetaker. Asking $150.
Braille Note, 32 cells,
Electronic magnifier that works with laptops and desktops.
Braille Lite M20

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Re:ACB High Tech Swap Shop - Items for sale

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Re:ACB High Tech Swap Shop - Items for sale

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Re:ACB High Tech Swap Shop - Items for sale

The seller of the jot a dot is in Nigeria
The contact info is in the ACB publication;FOR SALE: Jot-a-Dot pocket braille notetaker. Asking $150. Ultracane vibrating cane. Asking $500. Contact Ibrahim at 011-234-8191-233-194, or write to him at P.O. Box 5426, Kano, Kano State, 700-001, Nigeria.

Re:ACB High Tech Swap Shop - Items for sale

I am very interested in the jot a dot... prefer to lnow the usage and condition.
Email me at

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