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access nagvigation in park for visually impaired

Hi, I'll be designing a park for visually impaired people. I'll be mainly focusing on "accessing the park through easy NAVIGATION" for the visually impaired people in the park. It would be great if you could share some ideas as to how I can implement either and affordable technology or by any other solar, battery or any other means to guide the children navigate themselves in the park??

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Re: access nagvigation in park for visually impaired

I just came across this post and I believe it was really late for me to answer this. But even though, I like to share my thoughts. The concept of your park, is never the less amazing. My thought is that with all technology out there, is there a way voice guiding navigation, tracker or marker can be use.

good park design and the teaching of mobility skills in a safe fun environment

One of the oldest, least expensive navigation tools remains the white cane. The better cane and mobility skills your children have, the better they will be able to navigate the world as adults. Your park may be a safe place to practice such skills. You will need to make sure each child has a cane appropriate to his or her size and instruction on how to use it to move around the park.
Having stone or flagstone walkways will make it possible to know where flowers and such are and where to walk.
Please write back if you read this and have specific questions.
each child needs a cane of his or her own and can be encouraged to use it proudly to move around safely.

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