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I am looking for a clear definition of accessibility, and the importance of it into ICT or web sites in particular.

I hope someone can give me an explanation for that.


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To learn about almost anything, I Google it or use Wikipedia.
To get a flow of the use of a word Google Alerts are very helpful. ===gm===


Other useful resources are with the World Wide Web in the Consortium who provide guidlines ( and WebAim ( There are many more but those are the most useful ones for me.

Have Fun!
Dianna K. Green


Hi Crista,

Thank you very much for the information

Re: accessibility?

It's a big question, and I don't think there is a succinct and effective definition. Loosely, it means people with disabilities can use a site or product as easily and effectively as people without disabilities.

In practice, though, a lot of sites (since we're specifically talking about web sites) are considered to be "accessible" when a person with a disability can get by, even if it's very hard to do and the user has to jump through a lot of hoops to use the site.

As a result, a definition, or a discussion, of web accessibility is pretty complicated. Start by looking at AFB's section on Web Accessibility

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