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accessible facebook?

I know facebook is not accessible. not rigow, anyway. Or is it? is there a client that can be used to make facebook, all of it, accessible to NVDA? windows xp model computer. please help

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Re: accessible facebook?

tried teletender, it is very convenient for day to day activities on facebook, like checking updates. seems lacking some functions, like managing friends.

Re: accessible facebook?

There was also The Friend Mail, which was a site that let you use Facebook via email. But it appears that the domain has expired. I don't know if or when it will be renewed, but the URL is . Never heard of Teletender before, will have to check it out. Another great option is The Socializer, but that's only available for paying Serotek customers I believe. They say on their website that the Socializer may be used with other screen readers too, but I haven't yet checked that out. There is also Social-Eyes from GW Micro, but I've not used it.

Re: accessible facebook?

I have been using teletender for facebook lately. it is a phone service, kinds of like the automated voice menus when you call a bank. It can read facebook updates to you on the phone, or you can post updates or comments using your own voice. I am using 518 688 0680 but they have some numbers in other area codes listed on their web site,

Re: accessible facebook?

Using NVDA, Facebook is somewhat accessible, but you'll probably have better luck using the Facebook Mobile page found at:

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