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accessible games on android

hi. i'm looking for some accessible games for android. so if anyone have some games, will you please let me know? thanks

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Re: accessible games on android

Have you tried "A Blind Legend"? It is an audio game (nno graphics on the screen). Its link is:

There is also "Audio Game Hub" which may or may not have graphics, depending on the toggling of the "visual aid" option:

I hope it still helps, since this post is a bit old, although I have just found it today!

Re: accessible games on android

Also try this top rated physics games at they are good startup games for kids.

Re: accessible games on android

I just made an audio game app for android. Open Field Echo Sounder. Put your headphones on and search for virtual targets outside using echolocation.

Re: accessible games on android


I found:

Introducing Stem Stumper, a blind-accessible puzzle game for mobile phones.

Blindfold Ping Pong
Description: Blindfold Ping Pong (table tennis) is a physical game in which you swing your device like a paddle similar to TV screen based games, but uses only audible feedback, not visual.

SS12 LockPick Build 4
A haptic feedback based game created for the 2012 CSUN Code for a Cause competition. It is designed to be used by both blind and blind-deaf users.

android Access: Accessible Android apps and news for the Blind and Visually Impaired (has 8? games listed)

Accessible Apps (more utilitarian than games)

The article:
Apps for blind and partially sighted users


CLiCkin 2 Da BeaT (Beta)

and the head-to-head air hockey game in:

Click, Link, Compete

From: Accessible Android Applications (NICE apps)


TapBeats is a music game for Android designed to be accessible to blind and low-vision users

Re: accessible games on android

Hi keekee23,

I think that unfortunately there are little games for Android that are accessible. We have a student project about developing a toolset that facilitates the development of accessible games for blind people for Android smartphones and tablets, that's why we know.

Anyway, perhaps you might find the games we are developing interesting. So far three games have already been developed using the aforementioned toolkit, which are available for download from Google Play ( All the information of the project is also available at

The project is now immersed in a preliminary usability evaluation phase. For that reason, we are kindly requesting all people interested to contribute by trying out the games and fulfilling a short evaluation questionnaire where they can also leave their feedback. This evaluation form is also available from the applications main menu and there is an offline version ( that you can return by e-mail to Feedback from blind users or experts in usability/accessibility are specially welcome!

Hope the number of accessible games in Android increases very quickly after the push of Android 4.0. And thanks to all of you for helping us in improving the accessibility of our games!

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