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Accessible screen reader for android.

hi friends this is adil.
I need help to choose the best scrreen reader for android.
I also want to know that which would be the best android phone for me?
Please help.

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Re: Accessible screen reader for android.

Most Android phones running 4.0 known as Ice Cream Sandwich, or above are very accessible with Talk Back the built-in screen reader from Google. The latest version named Jelly bean is of course preferred. There are lots of blind folks using Android phones and tablets successfully. Some manufacturers of Android phones add their own junkware and change things from the stock Android making them less accessible, but work-arounds are sometimes possible to return more accessibility to them. Recommended phones would be the ones available from Google themselves or the S3 or S4 available from Samsung. I suggest you get on Google's eyes-free mailing list and ask questions there.

Re: Accessible screen reader for android.

Hi, Adil

I've been trying to keep up with the progress toward accessibility that Android phones have been making (sort of, apparently) by reading AccessWorld. In the July 2013 issue
there are two articles that might help you choose whether to get an Android phone or not, and maybe which one.
AccessWorld is

and the two articles are

Re: Accessible screen reader for android.

You might look into NVDA.

Re: Accessible screen reader for android.

HI there,
This may not be a direct answer to your question, but this review of Android apps seems to mention several accessible platforms you can consider:

HOpe that helps!
- Michelle, AFB intern

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