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Accessible Weather Study - Georgia Institute of Technology


We are researchers in the Sonification Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology. We are conducting a study to understand the convenience of weather applications on android devices for the visually impaired.

We would like to know from you the different weather applications you use to check the weather and get you opinion on the features of these applications.

The feedback you provide us will help our research into the accessible weather project. Any comments you have about the features you would like to have in an accessible weather application are welcome.

If any questions or concerns, please contact:

Jonathan Schuett
(PhD student at Sonification Lab)

Brianna Tomlinson
(PhD student at Sonification Lab)

Dr. Carrie Bruce
(Research Scientist at Georgia Tech)

Dr. Bruce Walker
(Sonification Lab Advisor)

About us:

Thank you,

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Re: Accessible Weather Study - Georgia Institute of Technology

I may be rare among the respondents but my accessible weather info comes from more conventional media: radio, television, telephone, as most "Android devices" appear to be operationally flat-paneled.
David Russell

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