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Accessible Website Creating Software

I am trying to locate an online website creator solution that produces accessible websites. I have checked out Intuit, CityMax and Wix but when I phone the customer service people for those companies they do not seem to understand what I am asking for when stating that I need a fully accessible solution. Has anyone come across a good solution?

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Re: Accessible Website Creating Software

If you are a subscriber to the System Access Mobile Network by Serotek, they have a section that allows you to not only create your own website and blog and so forth, but it is all fully accessible. The only thing they don't have is the ability to edit one's own blog, but hopefully that will be coming soon. If you want a sample of this, check out my site at . I haven't been able to add to it or do anything now for awhile, because I was booted off the network temporarily while this credit-card situation is being sorted out. I hope I can still add to the site once my subscription resumes.

Re:Accessible Website Creating Software

I wonder if there is such a thing. It may be that it is what you do with any website creation tool that makes the result fully accessible. I guess what you want is one that refuses to do anything that would interfere with accessibility. We don't have a list of does and don'ts. About all we have is a list of helpful end results without knowing how to get there. The emails from the white House disable my choice of font for incoming text, but I don't know what they do that does it. If you ever find this treasure, please tell us about it.

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