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Accessible websites

Hi Guys,

I'm new to this board and was wondering if you could share and recommend any useful AND accessible websites.

For example, a freind was telling me about the T-Mobile (UK) website, which is supposed to be pretty accessible, what do you guys think?

Many thanks


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Re:Accessible websites

This beta program might be of interest to you.

An online multimedia tutorial vendor is offering free accounts to participants of their beta program, as they look to optimize their Unlocking ClickBank product prior to launch.

Unlocking ClickBank is a multimedia tutorial membership site designed to teach people how to make money online through affiliate marketing and other Internet marketing techniques. All videos in the tutorial are published with transcriptions, so what the vendor is looking to gather is feedback on the format of the product, navigation, and ease-of-use.

Key benefits to participants in the beta, aside from the value of the content which you get to keep, is that it’s a no-cost, obligation-free program, and participants also get to keep their account when the product site goes live. There is no limit to the number of students who may participate, the more the merrier. All that is asked is that you provide comments.

Participating students must create their test account before the end of this month. Program enrollment ends October 1, 2009.


Beta Program Date: create an account anytime before midnight Pacific Standard Time, September 30, 2009.

Overview: The web-based product you are about to review, Unlocking ClickBank, is a multimedia tutorial membership site designed to teach people skills in Internet marketing. By participating in this focus group study, you will be contributing to a vendor’s efforts to serve a broader audience, including the hearing impaired community which most online multimedia product vendors don’t understand, and would enable the producers of this product to set an example for other multimedia vendors in re-defining the standards for their products.

Goal: The aim of this exercise is to walk you through the entire sales cycle for the product, and to get you to checkout through the system, while it’s in “test mode”. This means that you will go through the home page, observe all the sales material, then proceed through checkout where you’ll use a test-mode credit card number (provided to you) to gain access to the product.

Expectations: The purpose of this beta program is to gather valuable feedback that will contribute towards the success of the project, so please provide comments anywhere on the site, or email comments to After the beta program, the account is yours to keep. There is absolutely zero obligation.


1. Go to:
2. Enter your name and email in the form, then press submit, to proceed to the next video.
3. Click on any of the call to action buttons to proceed to checkout, and complete the form using the following test credit card information*

Card number: 1111111111111111111111
Expiration: (any date)
Validation number: 111

*note: this site is in TEST MODE. This means, that the checkout form basically lets anyone through right now, but not very many people know about the site yet. To “check out” you simply complete the form using the test credit card info. You are a participant in a BETA PROGRAM. You will not be billed, nor are you incurring any obligation whatsoever.


Program administrator:
Evodio Walle,

Re:Accessible websites

I am looking for volunteers to help provide feedback for our new 'accessible' Geofeat website.


The website hopes to raise awareness of the global issues surrounding climate change, and the need for individuals to start taking responsibility for their actions.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Re:Accessible websites

I'm building a site
I'm still working on form validation, but otherwise I hope it is totally accessible to blind users.
If not, let me know and I will fix it.

Re:Accessible websites

Hi Miles,

It depends on wat sort of websites your looking for.

I've used the T-Mobile sight and think its pretty accessible


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