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AccessWorld March 2010 Issue now available

AccessWorld March 2010 Issue Volume 11 Number 1
Table of Contents:
Oratio for Blackberry
Product Evaluation of Kindle 2 and Sony Reader Digital Book Players
Apex and Intel: A Commentary
What Can [Access} Policy Change Do for You?
The ScripTalk Experience
Book Review:
Assistive Technology for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

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Re:AccessWorld March 2010 Issue now available

(TTS) The Commentary "Apex and Intel' by Deborah Kendrick is much longer than it should be and the good stuff is down near the end. If I have it right, she feels that the two mew products are not so much better and that BrailleNote users should sit tight and that new users should get what is available now. She admires the Kurzweil produccts: "a KNFB mobile reader will slip in your pocket, include a state-of-the-art cell phone, and offer unlimited storage capacity. Similarly, the Kurzweil 1000 software, now at Version 12, offers almost flawless recognition." Make sure you read the original; I may have made errors in copying.

AccessWorld tends to be wordy and to make the point hard to find. I would prefer have the conclusion in the first paragraph and let me get on with my day.

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